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Change Life initiative started in Kinyinya where Hundreds of Peoples got Foods,Clothes and medical insurances

Ubwanditsi , October 2018

Sisterhood in Christ International Ministries leaded by Jackie Mugabo in partnership with MI Health care UK leaded By Erren Waden have aided many poor families in Gasharu Village, Kinyinya Sector.

Erren Waden and Pastor Jackie were giving foods to the citizens

Sisterhood in Christ has donated those families through Charming Act called “Change Life Initiative” Which is their program for giving help to some people who have different problems in order to turn back their hope of life.

In This program of Change Life initiative, Sisterhood in Christ International Ministries is in partnership with Mi Health Care UK leads by Erren Waden.

On 27th Dec,18 Sisterhood in Christ International Ministries, Erren Waden (CEO of MI Health Care UK) and other Leaders were Gathered in Kinyinya Sector, Gasharu Village for helping some deprived families left by Tutsi Genocide of 1994, and they brought Foods , medical Insurance and Clothes for Them.

Before Giving Help to those Families, they have done Community Work (Umuganda) Together with Rwanda Army and some citizens of Gasharu Village.

Community Work Started at 8am ,and after they have visited Three Orphans (Ikirezi Divine 21, Umurerwa Ariane 18 and Isimbi Carine,15) Who haven’t any Parent and they are struggling a lot.

Sisterhood and Erren Waden have taken decision to Look for other helpers for roofing the unfinished building for them and even giving them any long term help.

The Mother of those Three Children, Kayitesi Jeanne passed away in 2015 cause of circumstances of Tutsi Jenocide of 1994, Their Father also passed away Long ago, after the death of their mother, Divine and her siblings took decision of moving out in the house they were in before and go to live into the Kitchen in order to rent the house so that they can get some amount of money to survive.

Ikirezi divine showing where they are living with her siblings

In Conversation with the journalists Ikirezi Divine said:” That is my Decision I’ve taken in order to take care my Siblings because there was no other way we could survive after the death of my Mother.

Actually the rent of that house is 30k, and I use those money to buy something to eat when my sibling are in the holidays.

Seriously we’re living in tough life at all. About that House u’ve seen near here, it has been started to build up by the youth around here, but as u’ve seen it is unfinished and I don’t know how it will be completed in order to move in.

I always pray for my God to give me Job and also if I can get a helper who can give me money for doing business, it can be first-rate for us.”

Ikirezi Divine has ended her secondary School at ASPEC Kibungo where she were learning Mathematics ,Economics and Geography (MEG).

Gospel Singer, Pastor Jackie Mugabo the leader of Sisterhood in Christ International Ministries said that Change Life Initiative came to change lives of Rwandans and deprived People as well.

In Her Own Words, Pastor Jackie Mugabo said :” Change Life Initiative came from prayers, as God Told Jeremiah to call all women who were good at crying to come and cry for their own country, that is the way God came to me, but after It has also given me more thoughts in order to bring a change in my Country, In God Servants, in Church and even in the Families”

Pastor Jackie Mugabo who is known in many delightful acts Which have changed many lives of peoples like, Bye Bye nyakatsi, Fasha Gatagara and more, said that it is the time to upgrade her amiable actions in order to change the life of some peoples. That is why she calls all peoples from Rwanda and even the ones from abroad to help each other in order to rebuild Rwanda after solid times it has passed Through.

CEO of MI Health Care UK, Erren Waden said that he came in Rwanda for his first time but, he was surprised of How Rwanda is after passing in Genocide.

Erren Waden, CEO of MI Health Care UK

Erren Waden said:” I’ve seen on internet how Rwanda has passed in stiff time and once I met with Jacky and told me about Change life initiative, I agreed to partner with her, because she was In excellent way for helping and restore some lives, so as I decided to help some Rwandans through Change life Initiative, that is why I came in Rwanda to see how Rwandans are now.

So, Rwanda is Good now, every where is Clean, and I appreciate the Government for its effort to do this.

So change life initiative is starting now, and it will exist in order to help and change some peoples life and bring back the hope to live”
More Pictures of Change Life initiative in Kinyinya

Sisterhood in Chirst,Army,Citizen of Gasharu were together in Community work
Erren Waden ,Pastor Jackie Mugabo and Army after Community work
Erren Waden, CEO of MI Health Care UK
Erren Waden and Pastor Jackie were giving foods to the citizens
Ikirezi divine showing where they are living with her siblings

Orphan, Ikirezi Divine
It was raining
It was raining
It was raining

During Community work
They were working hard
After Community Work they have celebrate

Erren waden was giving clothes

Author : Christian Niyitegeka



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